Thursday, 7 August 2014

sewing and listening

I know lots of knitters like knitting because it's something you can do in front of the telly. It's portable and you can curl up on the sofa with a ball of wool and a box set. You can bring it along to knitting meetings, sit with pals shooting the breeze, drinking tea and eating jammy dodgers. 

But sewing - not so much. We've had a few lovely sewing meet ups in Dublin. We chat about sewing in a nerdy fashion, we've been fabric shopping and we've chosen a pattern to sew for our next meet up. 

It's great to do this but sewing is so un-portable and hence can be a little solitary. 

I like to listen to radio or podcasts while I'm sewing and I thought I would share some of my favourite things things I have come across. 

I heard a really great edition of This American Life called Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Short Cuts - lovely little pieces that have been put to animation for the BBC. This is The Tale of the Sickly Whale and it's really sweet! 

The Big Picture by Siobhan Mannion is a drama that features a costume designer - perfect for sewing along to!

Radio listening is  also my job because I make radio documentaries - our most popular radio documentary is a really charming story:  Don't Go Far

Do you listen to anything while sewing? Hit me with your recommendations! 


  1. Thanks for the recommendations - The Big Picture is one I'll definitely check out! I'm a podcast junkie too - This American Life is a favourite, and I'd recommend Radiolab, Freakonomics and Planet Money.

    1. Ooh, brill, thanks a mil, I'll check them out - I've been meaning to listen to Freakonomics for ages... hadn't heard of Planet Money before!

  2. I live in the USA and I listen to BBC Radio 4. I do take a break when The Archers come on. The variety of programming on Radio 4 keeps me interested and curious.

    1. Ah, the theme tune to the Archers will forever take me back to my childhood - my parents were Radio 4 junkies even though it had a constant Longwave fuzzy quality coming over the Irish sea!


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