Saturday, 12 July 2014

my new most favouritest dress ever

This is the famous New Look 6000. There's been a lot of love for this dress knocking around the Internet in the past and now I know why!  

I actually made this as a wearable muslin using fabric that I *think* came from Chad. It's part of my somewhere-from-the-African-continent stash anyway. I find it difficult to know what to do with the African fabric because so many of the prints are so big. But as it started coming together I realised I was really liking what was happening with the fabric and also the fit. 

One minor problem with this fabric is that there are quite a few irregularities with it - some pieces of the fabric have completely different colouring to the rest of it! 

These photos were taken after a day of wearing it around town and it's a bit creased. I completely adore the side pleats (hard to see in these pictures I know but trust me, they are there!) I cut the size 12 and didn't actually have to make any adjustments.

The reason I was making a muslin was because the plan was to make this in a black faux leatherette material that I got at our last Sewing Meet-Up which was really good fun. We went to a factory shop called Michael H which is particularly hard to find and when you do it is behind this (locked!) door. 

Inviting huh?! But it's worth persisting to getting to the other side of this door because it is full of completely random fabric but we all came out with something weird and wonderful. 

I'm also looking forward to making versions of New Look 6000 with the collar because that's why I bought the pattern in the first place!


  1. This dress is so nice, love African fabric. Is it waxed.

  2. its gorgeous, and the colours are really great on you :) :)

  3. lovely dress!!perfect fit!fabulous!


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