Wednesday, 2 October 2013

from check-foe to check-mate

I have been wondering for AGES what to do with this stash fabric. I wasn't really crazy about it and it's been hanging around for yonks. I thought I would bascially experiment with it for this Vogue pattern to see if I liked the pattern. 

It's Vogue Patterns V8907 - a very simple pattern and now that it's traced and cut out I and I know that I really like the shape of it, I could very happily whip this up in an hour or two.At the moment it's kind of wear-it-to-work top but I think a slinky fabric could make it a pretty cool going-out top.

And now that I've made something with this fabric, I actually like it a bit better - which is good, because there's still quite a lot left!

In other related news, while I was sewing this top I had the misfortune to break a needle - BY SEWING MY FINGER!!!!! Gross eh? Actually it wasn't that sore, but it was just the shock of looking down and seeing the needle in two pieces sticking out at an angle from my finger. I was distractedly talking to my boyfriend's son and looked away from the machine for a moment. 

Keep your eye on the needle gals, keep your eye on the needle!!!


  1. Cute tunic top, it would look awesome in a fancy knit or silk. Ouch! I've done something similar before and I got blood all over some expensive fabric :(

  2. Eeek! Sewing my finger is one of my worst nightmares. But your top looks great!! I'm glad you're ok.


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