Sunday, 29 September 2013

it was all yellow

I was at a wedding on Friday and the lynchpin of my whole outfit was this pair of MAGNIFICENT yellow shoes that I bought last week. 

But I was wearing a black dress and thought I needed a bit more yellow somewhere else. 
So I went to my local silk shop - yes I have a local silk shop! Roisin Cross Silks on the coast road in Dun Laoghaire. I got pretty much perfectly matching yellow silk and set about making a clutch bag. (This was all the night before the wedding by the way, I'm not what you would call organised) 

I made a bag from a book that is one of those books that looks naff on the outside but actually has quite handy techniques and patterns in it. I went off looking through my stash for some sturdy fabric to line it with and came up with this Pucci-esque stuff that I think my granny bought a long long time ago. Is this not amazingly ridiculously brilliant????? 

THEN I started thinking maybe this would be more interesting on the outside and I could have the yellow silk on the inside - the most expensive lining ever made but the pieces were all cut out so I thought I might as well use them. 

And with ten minutes to go before we left the house I was still finishing the final seam and hoping that my nail varnish was dry and wouldn't smudge all over the place! Top-stitching around corners is a challenge for me at the best of times! 

By the way, the wedding reception was at a football stadium! It was in Croke Park because the couple are big Dubs fans. I've never been before and it was very cool! 

Oh and the fact that this is a stash project also means it is my June stashbusters project which was containment. I'm determined to have all the themes done by the end of the year!


  1. Lovely bag (and shoes), what book did the bag pattern come from?

    1. Thanks Catherine! I should have said actually - it's called 'Making Vintage Bags' by Emma Brennan. It has 20 patterns in it and it's actually become a bit of a go-to book for techniques like dealing with zips and lining!

  2. Those shoes really are magnificent, but so is that bag!!! Good call on using the silk on the inside because that psychedelic stripey fabric is way more interesting than the plain yellow silk.

  3. That bag is awesome! And the shoes are great, maybe I should head towards my nearest Zara right away?

    1. Thanks! Yes I love the shoes but before you run to Zara I'm sorry to say that they were so sore to wear! I could barely walk in them so sadly I think it might be their first and last outing!

  4. This is a gorgeous pattern and you surely do justice to the clutch, you look gorgeous. Really smart to wear with yellow shoes.


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