Sunday, 1 September 2013

is it a dress? is it a top?

Who knows, is the answer to this question about the latest garment I have made. This was an adventure in knit - a cotton jersey that I got in Paris for next to nothing last year. 

Anyway, not knowing quite what it is, as such, I experimented with wearing it over the weekend, which was spent mostly by or in the sea because this is the summer that just keeps on giving. 

This pattern is McCalls M6242. I got it at the Knitting and Stitching Show last year in a random basket of patterns. Even though it's a big sloppy kind of thing, there's actually quite a lot going on with the shoulders and sleeves which I have to say I really like and definitely make this worth making again with a few changes. 
This is how Messrs. McCalls envisage it being worn:

When you look at blonde lady there, realistically I could have made it a size smaller. That way the band would be tighter and it would sit better on the top of my legs. I could possibly have done with shortening it too

It is a nice dress to wear to the beach of slouch around in. But the thing is, the short-of-stature among us - i.e. moi - are playing with fire wearing loose things like this. And it's never really a good sign when you think things like "Well, it would be useful if I was ever pregnant". So I think I will probably get more wear out of this to wear it as a top or somewhere in between at any rate! 

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