Thursday, 20 June 2013

june blog crushes

Tomorrow, I'm off travelling about the place for a few weeks - a fabby combo of play and work is taking me to New York and Canada. I'm leaving behind more than one not-quite-finished sewing projects! Not to worry, they'll be waiting for me on my return.

But for now, I will leave you with a few things that have been tickling my fancy in June. 

Lisa's latest creation on Small Things is very very cool self-designed t-shirt with a self-designed stamp. Love it. 

One more super-cool graphic print for the road - this time using potatoes from new-to-me blogger Ashlee

This is a DIY from Cotton & Curls is actually from last summer  but I thought it was great then and still do now. I think it's time for shorts... 

It can't go unsaid - Hawthorn! 
Now, I have to make a confession. I haven't made my Laurel and I know everyone was going mad for it, but the lack of a defined waist I think has made me wonder will it suit me. I WILL definitely make my Laurel and hopefully fall for it like everyone else has, but to be honest, I could really see me making madamoiselle Hawthorne. I'm not going to bother saying I'm signing up for the sewalong for this because it's not going to happen by July 29th! 
Oh and I think it's cool that Colette use beautiful but not stick-skinny models :) 

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