Saturday, 8 June 2013

a 'vibrant' straight skirt

So April's theme for the stashbuster's challenge was 'vibrant'. And here,ahem, in June, is my vibrant skirt. 

This is another DIY Couture straight skirt, this time without the pockets. I used an African fabric which I loooove that I was given by a friend last year - she got it in a London market. 

I did actually technically start this in April but a little bit of frustration with the waistband caused me to put it aside until I had calmed down. I couldn't get it on properly and it kept wrinkling. 

I don't know what I was at with this really. Somewhere along the line I  thought it would be good to have the waistband a bit lower but I don't think I really fully committed to this idea and -long story short - ended up with a waistband that was still sitting firmly on my waist but was hideously gigantic. 

I think this might be the joys of pattern-less sewing... but the DIY Couture is definitely a good learning experience. 

So off came the waistband and much chopping and sewing of the side seams occurred. I even put in two little darts at the back for good measure. 

Second time around it went on a dream. Now I really don't know if this had anything to do with it but I did drink a glass of wine before sewing and I actually think it  I wasn't trying to manipulate the fabric even when it looked like it was going to go into a crinkly nightmare. 

So what have I learned? 
Always drink a glass of wine before sewing something challenging. Ahaha, only joking, but I actually do think it chilled me out enough to get the waistband on! Although the other thing I did was baste it this time just to make sure so that may have had something to do with it too. 

Its a very high-waisted skirt - realistically I think I probably wouldn't wear it with a top tucked in- and I think I would try to make it a bit more on the hips next time (but commit to this idea from the beginning instead of trying to make it into something it's not halfway through!). 


  1. lovely skirt! I have a pile of fabric waiting to be turned into skirts (it has been waiting for over a year... really must get around to SEWING them up!)

    1. Thanks Catherine! By the way, I was in my sewing class the other night and I pulled out my little 'sea chicken' because I keep my little bits and pieces in it, and one of the girls in the class said 'Oh you have such lovely things!'

  2. Wow Nicolene I LOVE it! You have done an amazing job. Gorgeous fabric - you look like you belong on a beach in Hawaii : ) : ) Rosie xx

    1. A beach in Hawaii... that would be nice, our temporary Irish blue skies have gone since these photos! Thanks Rosie, I'm hoping to make my own DIY Couture collection!

  3. Love that little skirt. Now I want to make myself one (although a bit bigger!). And I am with you on the drinking a glass of wine before a sewing challenge, except I'm not sure if there is a time limit on when you can start?!

    1. No! There's no time limit (I am decreeing!) I suspect gin works too... :)


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