Thursday, 20 June 2013

june blog crushes

Tomorrow, I'm off travelling about the place for a few weeks - a fabby combo of play and work is taking me to New York and Canada. I'm leaving behind more than one not-quite-finished sewing projects! Not to worry, they'll be waiting for me on my return.

But for now, I will leave you with a few things that have been tickling my fancy in June. 

Lisa's latest creation on Small Things is very very cool self-designed t-shirt with a self-designed stamp. Love it. 

One more super-cool graphic print for the road - this time using potatoes from new-to-me blogger Ashlee

This is a DIY from Cotton & Curls is actually from last summer  but I thought it was great then and still do now. I think it's time for shorts... 

It can't go unsaid - Hawthorn! 
Now, I have to make a confession. I haven't made my Laurel and I know everyone was going mad for it, but the lack of a defined waist I think has made me wonder will it suit me. I WILL definitely make my Laurel and hopefully fall for it like everyone else has, but to be honest, I could really see me making madamoiselle Hawthorne. I'm not going to bother saying I'm signing up for the sewalong for this because it's not going to happen by July 29th! 
Oh and I think it's cool that Colette use beautiful but not stick-skinny models :) 

Saturday, 8 June 2013

a 'vibrant' straight skirt

So April's theme for the stashbuster's challenge was 'vibrant'. And here,ahem, in June, is my vibrant skirt. 

This is another DIY Couture straight skirt, this time without the pockets. I used an African fabric which I loooove that I was given by a friend last year - she got it in a London market. 

I did actually technically start this in April but a little bit of frustration with the waistband caused me to put it aside until I had calmed down. I couldn't get it on properly and it kept wrinkling. 

I don't know what I was at with this really. Somewhere along the line I  thought it would be good to have the waistband a bit lower but I don't think I really fully committed to this idea and -long story short - ended up with a waistband that was still sitting firmly on my waist but was hideously gigantic. 

I think this might be the joys of pattern-less sewing... but the DIY Couture is definitely a good learning experience. 

So off came the waistband and much chopping and sewing of the side seams occurred. I even put in two little darts at the back for good measure. 

Second time around it went on a dream. Now I really don't know if this had anything to do with it but I did drink a glass of wine before sewing and I actually think it  I wasn't trying to manipulate the fabric even when it looked like it was going to go into a crinkly nightmare. 

So what have I learned? 
Always drink a glass of wine before sewing something challenging. Ahaha, only joking, but I actually do think it chilled me out enough to get the waistband on! Although the other thing I did was baste it this time just to make sure so that may have had something to do with it too. 

Its a very high-waisted skirt - realistically I think I probably wouldn't wear it with a top tucked in- and I think I would try to make it a bit more on the hips next time (but commit to this idea from the beginning instead of trying to make it into something it's not halfway through!). 

Friday, 7 June 2013

an irish tale told in thread...

Okay so this is kinduva plug as this is where I work, but I think it might be interesting to those interested in stitches in general!

The Ros Tapestry is a gigantic stitching project happening here in Ireland that began fourteen years - and still isn't finished! 

The tapestry is actually fifteen panels of tapestry telling the story of the birth of a town in the south of Ireland - New Ross. 

This town began because of lots of women - first King Dermot abducted a neighbouring king's wife and galloped off to his castle with her and all his belongings...

...then he promised his daughter to Strongbow... 

...then Strongbow and Aoife's daughter married one of the most important men in England, William Marshall...

...who then went on to make New Ross a thriving trading town... and so it goes... 

Okay so that's a very very simplified and possibly historically inaccurate version of a big auld story, but I think the Ros Tapestry really is a national treasure. I was lucky enough to see the work that has been done so far when it was in Farmleigh around Christmas. 

My colleague Sarah has documented the work so far and made a beautiful radio documentary, layered in gorgeous music and sound, all about the historical story and the story of the women who are painstakingly embroidering the panels. 

(big fat plug alert) The Documentary on One: A Tale Told in Thread is on RTE Radio One tomorrow, Saturday 8th June at 2pm but you can listen or podcast it here from now. 

The tapestry is in its permanent home now at the Ros Tapestry Exhibition Centre, Priory Court, The Quay, New Ross, Co. Wexford.
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