Thursday, 30 May 2013

may blog crushes

Here are the little webby treats that have been inspiring me this month. 

I came across quite a few new blogs thanks to new site Kollabora which I am very much enjoying!
My fave new to me blogs this month were: 

Esther From the Sticks - Esther publishes gorgeous ethereal photography of the countryside and her clothes. This month she went to her prom in a Gatsby-inspired dress and shared a very moving post about her brother's death a year ago. She is only 18 and seems pretty amazing.

Refashioner Extraordinaire Marisa Lynch's site New Dress A Day documents a seriously productive DIY habit. 

Between Sewaholic's new Tofino pants pattern and Karen's call to pyjamas, I definitely feel a pair of pjs coming on - hopefully by June 23!

sweetheart neckline
I love love love this dress made by Sewin' Steady inspired by a dress worn by Taylor Swift and simply must get my hands on New Look 6723 and make a version of my own for summer! 

a trio of bags
This very cool DIY for a bag at OhOh-Blog

rip it up
I practically live in longsleeved t-shirts during the winter. I might ceremonially herald in summer by taking my scissors to one of them with this DIY from cool Spanish blogger Anna PlanB

and lastly - handmade not homemade
There is a difference! Megan Nielson's guide on how to avoid your creations looking too homemade was really interesting and gave food for thought on fabric and needles! 

So long May, it's been fun!

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