Monday, 27 May 2013

just one sorbetto, give it to me....

I'm busily at work on my Eclair that I'm making during a course that I'm doing at the moment but I had some fabric left over and I thought I would make use of it with a Sorbetto! 

Bit of a dank auld evening for photo-taking here in Dublin. I actually got caught in a hailstone storm when I was out for a run earlier... ah yes, nothing like the feeling of those little icy darts hitting your face in late May to make you feel like summer is here! I read recently that the Romans called Ireland 'Hibernia' because it means 'Land of Eternal Winter'. *Sigh* 

Nonetheless, I am undeterred and soldiering on with the summer clothing! This is my first Sorbetto and I'm actually way happier with it than I thought I would be. The fact that the pattern is free is also very sweet! 

I deliberately cut on the smaller side than I might otherwise be inclined to because of my experience so far with Colette patterns and I've seen that other folks out there have found it pretty swingy around the waist. This is a size 6 and the fabric is a pink and white linen/ cotton mix from the Cloth Shop in Dublin with white shop-bought bias binding.  

It's still pretty loose but I know I'll wear this lots. I was tempted to do a 'Lauren' on it - put darts and buttons in to make it a bit more fitted. I thought I'd just see what it was like going according the pattern and I could experiment with future versions. It's so quick and easy to put together, very gratifying thing to do on a Sunday evening! 


  1. This looks great! Good call in cutting a size smaller. Mine is definitely too big, but I haven't been bothered to do anything about it yet!

  2. sorbetto + jeans is a great combo! I need to make another one in a thicker fabric like cotton, yours came out great.

  3. Nice shirt, I like the colors and the summery feel of it, although summer has not yet found Europe I guess...
    I just finished my Eclair and I love it. It looks really complicated but I think it comes together quite easy! Looking forward to seeing yours!


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