Tuesday, 30 April 2013

thoughts on a year gone by!

I realised that it is my blogiversary and it is a year since the little baby Reckless Needle shyly made its way on to the big bad world wide web. 
Happy blogiversary to moi!

I've been incredibly secretive about the fact that I have a blog to the people I know - it took me 6 months and a couple of drinks to finally 'fess up to my bestie that I was doing this! 

But after a year of really enjoying doing this, I realise that the blogging and sewing are making a pretty good partnership and are ambling along together very nicely indeed! Before I started this blog I literally spent years thinking about taking out the sewing machine but never got around to it. Blogging is helping me set goals - and actually achieve them! 

Also, it has been just so cool interacting with other sewers out there and it gives me such a buzz when I see that someone has commented on a post or somebody new has started following the blog.

There have been challenges of course - keeping it going regularly sometimes, especially when other bits of life get busy doing late-night editing sessions or trying to do up a house in my free time! It makes me appreciate how hard some bloggers work at posting regularly and I am in awe of the sewing productivity of some people. It can be really hard not to compare myself to some of the fabulous people out there and I've had to tell myself to just enjoy my own sewing sometimes! 

Having said that in the next year I would like to increase my productivity a bit and finally conquer my procrastination (not just in sewing!) and also to not be so intimidated by so many sewing processes. 

So I decided this week as a birthday present to myself (my blogiversary coincides quite nicely with my birthday!) I signed up to a dressmaking course in the Grafton Academy who are a very reputable school. 

As part of the course you pick a pattern and make it up under supervision. I have chosen the Colette Eclair. It is Intermediate and I thought that there would be quite a few things in there that would challenge me, like an invisible zip, boning and piping. 


I'm using this cotton linen fabric which I got in the Cloth Shop and I will be demanding that the sun comes out when I get this finished! 

Also - it's a dress!! Very exciting, as I feel I've been the converse of 'too much frosting and not enough cake' - More frosting please!!!
My birthday cake - what's left of it

Another little thing I decided to do to mark the blogiversary is to buy the domain name www.therecklessneedle.com which will be up and running very soon. It's such a ridiculous name but I think I might be stuck with it now!

I'm also completely thrilled that my blogiversary coincides with  Stephanie of Mabel Makes putting me for up a Liebster Award - and I'll be back spreading the Liebster love soon... 

To those who do, thanks for reading my blog!


  1. Congrats on your blogiversary, and happy birthday! Good for you for gifting yourself a sewing class - looking forward to reading about your progress with the Eclair. By the way, I think "The Reckless Needle" is a great blog name.

  2. I agree, it's a great name! happy blogiversary :)
    I took a course in the Grafton Academy before, I did pattern drafting and found it great. I always dream of going back but when I have the time, I don't have the money and vice versa! Can't wait to see your new dress!

  3. Oh thank you ladies and thanks for the vote of confidence on the name!
    Yes loving the Grafton Academy course so far!


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