Saturday, 27 April 2013

it's straight it's great

I revisited Rosie Martin's DIY Couture book to make this straight skirt.

I know this is not that exciting in terms of fabric but I actually just really wanted a black skirt. So many mornings I've wished that I had a black skirt that I could wear to work or out to meet friends and I have been on the look-out for one in shops - with no joy! 

I made this with black wool that I bought a few years ago to make a giant snood scarf for a friend at work. At the time, I did start it but my sewing machine broke (it was a sewing machine from Lidl that I have since parted company with)and the scarf unfortunately never got made. 

So it actually is a bit of a stashbuster which is quite nice - although somewhat the opposite of the 'vibrant' April theme for the stashbusting sewalong challenge! 

I wonder can I get something vibrant made by the end of April??! And a Laurel??! There's no shortage of things to do in sewing land that's for sure. 

Anyway, back to my skirt.

 I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. And I do really find the DIY Couture approach fun. And because you are doing it from your own clothes and fitting it on, you end up with a pretty good fit. I love how this skirt fits me around the waist and hips because it's just right. 

There is also a nice concealed zip flap that I really like. The pockets are also kind of fun, but the buttonhole is kind of a car-crash. I can't even bear to photograph it and show it to you - the shame! It does function; it's just not pretty. Luckily my covered button hides it a bit! 


  1. I saw this skirt over on kollabora and wanted to see more pictures! It's adorable! I love the pockets!

    How do you like the DIY Couture book? I love pattern books and am always on the lookout for a new good one.

    1. Thanks Trish! Yes I really like the DIY Couture book, it's a really fun concept - it doesn't include patterns as such, you measure clothes you have and measure yourself and just go for it! The other nice thing is that is has tonnes of options for different items. I made the Slouch Top from it as well - and hopefully will make more things from it!


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