Monday, 29 April 2013

april blog crushes...

These are a few nooks and crannies of the Internet that I've been admiring this month! 

My handmade wardrobe doesn't yet stretch to Me Made May unfortunately. Well maybe it could but I'd probably be putting on a lot of washes to keep up! Next year, next year... 
But I think I'll try in my own little way to wear the clothes I've made this  month, and I liked Portia's Miss P's 10 tops for MMM

I don't really knit - I have some vague aspirations to knit and I do possess random knitting needles and balls of wool that have moved house with me several times but this very easy looking necklace could be just the thing to get me clickity-clicking.  
I found it on a site I'm still exploring called Kollabora that is a community website - ie you need to join it - and it has lots of inspirational projects.

 I have a bit of a thing about dying, and I found this nice little method of making flowers with bleach on Paula Deen's website. 

I found a tutorial for this cool dress (for skinny days only) on From Head to Toe - who is one of my fellow nominees for a Liebster Award which comes to be courtesy of the lovely Stephanie from Mabel Makes - yipppeee.... more on that soon...!

And... Abby at Blue Ginger Doll has released a very minxy vintage dress -  the Billie Jean

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