Thursday, 21 March 2013

the house that keeps on giving

We are getting there with our house renovations and all that that entails. It's very exciting but there's not much time for anything else - it will be worth it in the end! 

I posted a while ago about all the handmade clothes that we found in the attic.... well, a couple of weeks ago, we went over to our house/ building site  and Dave the builder said he had a surprise for me!


Dave went a bit deeper into the attic and what did he find??? 

A Singer!! 

There's a really great feature on the Singer website where you can put in the serial code on the machine and it tells you when it was made... 

...and this lil' lady is 90 years old this year - 1923! How cool is that?! 

Anyway, we have been moving for the last week so fabric and sewing machines are packed up at the moment... Looking forward to getting rid of builders and dust and unpacking them - I'm having serious withdrawals!

Someone's getting comfy on the new sofa!


  1. SOOOOOO jealous! That is an amazing find! Bet you are looking forward to trying it out!

  2. Lucky! All we found in our house renovation were old newspapers.

  3. How lovely to find a Singer! I learned to sew on my Gran's 1934 machine - just like that one. And then have now bought my daughters each an old Singer hand cranked shuttle bobbin machine! The oldest is 1890 and a real beauty. None of these were expensive, but we have a load of fun sometimes sewing round the table.... Enjoy your machine, I'm sure it'll not take much to get it working.... and they are lovely to use.

    1. Wow, I was thinking of it sort of sitting decoratively in the sitting room because it just looks so cool but I should definitely get it fixed up and actually try to use it!


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