Tuesday, 5 February 2013

treasures in the attic...

I found hidden treasures! 

We recently bought a house! It's a lovely terraced house in a town called Dun Laoghaire which is in Dublin but by the sea.

It's very exciting but the inside of the house needs a lot of work to be habitable and we are in the midst of all the dust and the builders and endless decisions about plug sockets and tiles. 

But last weekend, we went up to the attic and took down what was there. 

It's so strange to find the remnants of somebody's life up there. Amidst boxes and boxes of old Smash Hits magazines, there were all of the old love letters between Rachel and Jonathan  - their letters from when Rachel was living in Ireland and Jonathan was away playing in a band in the Isle of Wight. Then all of the Valentine's Cards and Birthday cards.  My favourite was a card with a picture of a woman and a baby on the front and Rachel writes to Jonathan: 
My Dearest Jonathan, 
Do you think I will sing to our baby like this? 
I love you! Rachel. 

And then there was this bag full of clothes and I couldn't believe it when I found handmade dresses in there!! 

And this fabric... waaah!

So we are moving to a house that has been previously lived in by a sewer... it has to be a good sign! 

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