Sunday, 10 February 2013

putting my stamp on things....

Printing on fabric is so like being  a kid again. I've tried a few techniques now, like screen printing, stencilling and using freezer paper.  And now... rubber stamping...

I used this rubber stamp that I got in a great craft shop in Berlin. 

I mixed together green and white fabric paint to get a pale green. 

I brushed the paint on to the stamp using a sponge that you get for washing dishes, swiping it across the stamp so it would be covered but not too loaded with dye,and then printed on my design. It's good to practice a bit on some scrap fabric to get a sense of how much dye you need to put on the stamp. 

And I made this little travel laundry bag from unbleached cotton that I got in Ikea (€2 a metre, don't mind if I do - you don't find fabric that cheap in Ireland too often I can tell you!). I lined it and made a little strap and gave it a good iron -  it needs to be really properly ironed to fix the dye, otherwise it will wash out. 

Alrighty, holidays ahoy!

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