Thursday, 28 February 2013

february blog crushes

Part of "being a sewing blogger" is obviously writing a blog, but as much of it is about reading other people's blogs, getting inspiration and ideas and being part of the online community. 

I really love reading all the blogs around the world and sometimes the posts I particularly like slip back into the 'older posts' obscurity so I thought I'd do a monthly roundup of my highlights of the month. 

So, this month I've been loving... 

Two new blogs I found: 

A recently discovered Australian blog called KazzTheSpazz (even the name just cracks me up). 
I really love when a new post of hers pops up on my feed, she has a pretty individual style and I challenge you not to crack a smile reading her blog. 

A blog from Paris with lots of beautiful clean lines, bags and tutorials, Between the Lines - I saw this tutorial and would love to give it a go: 

A few things I've been joining in on: 

I'm sure there will be meetups as a result of this and it's also a great resource for shopping all over the world. 

House of Pinheiro's Craft Swap

I've signed up and am really looking forward to finding out who I'm paired with and making something on the nautical theme to send off! 

Kate has been holding an envelope clutch sew-a-long this week, with a free pattern and tutorial for making an envelope clutch. I'll be back in a few days with mine!

And even though I haven't got my hands on it (YET), it's been great fun seeing the buzz around Tilly's first pattern the gorgeous Mathilde blouse

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  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog and the mention here on your lovely blog. Oh god I can't stand the name of my blog haha, I started blogging back in 2008 and had no idea it would gather a following 5 years later; I found my niche you could say...If I change the name I risk losing my readers- Catch 22. Either way I'm pleased to read you like it :) Have a great week.


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