Tuesday, 22 January 2013

stashbusting sewalong

I'm late to this party but I've pledged to bust the stash with Cation Designs and Tumbleweeds In The Wind.... 

I haven't been sewing with the degree of obsession that I have developed in the last year for that long but already I've built up a sizeable stash that needs to be tackled. 

Here are a few of the bits and pieces that I'm hoping will move from shelf to wardrobe. 

I seem to have unintentionally developed a "Liberty Department": 

Aw, isn't it so pretty? I have plans for this - this is earmarked for the top version of the Lisette pattern I made recently. 

I've no plans for this as yet. I think it's really pretty but can't quite visualise what it will become! Maybe a skirt...? Hmmmm... what do you think? 

Another Liberty silk, this time very lightweight. This is so lovely but I've never sewn with flimsy fabrics and thought of wrecking this lovely silk scares the crap out of me. But I'd like to make the Colette Taffy blouse. 

I've actually been pretty good about using the fabric that I got when I was in Paris last year. This stripey cotton jersey is still left though. I'd love to find a really fabulous dress pattern to make with this fabric. The other thing about using this is that I feel I should use the overlocker - still haven't got around to that. 

I also have a fair bit of free-to-me fabric: stuff that my mum has had in her cupboard for years. Some of it I think is from my granny's cupboard and some of it is from an old lady who used to live down the road from us. 

I love love love this fabric, coolest thing ever. In fact I did make my square top with it but I still have lots left. I think I want to make sure that whatever I make with this is really special. The fact that it is vintage makes it so precious that I get a bit paralysed in terms of sewing with it. 

I don't know WHAT to do with this. I've had it for ages. Not sure where it came from and actually I think it's really cool, but it's so retro that I think it would be hard to not look like you're in fancy dress. 

As for this, good thing there's going to be a 'vibrant' theme in the sewalong.

This is pretty funky isn't it? Actually I have used some of it already. A few years ago, my mum and I recovered this chest using a staple gun. I remember how excited we were about the stripes matching up! I keep all my bags and belts and things in it. 

This is just a sample of the fabrics tucked away on the stash shelf. I've said that I'll make 12 pieces - one for each month... I'm not sure what all of them will be yet and some of the themes are yet to be announced. 

I have to admit that I've just written this post and am basically saying that fear has been holding me back from sewing with a lot of these fabrics - fear of wrecking a beautiful fabric, fear of the overlocker, fear of sewing with lightweight fabric..OH GOD!!!! I think I'm having an epiphany!!! 


Anyway, January is the month of ittybitty - tackling the scrap basket. Actually this is the part of my stash that probably MOST needs to be tackled because I hate throwing away all the leftover bits. 

So, onwards to the stash busting! 

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