Wednesday, 23 January 2013

itty bitty hook book

My pal Jo is an art conservator - and she is off travelling the world and restoring superstar paintings while she's at it and so, I set about trying to make her a roll for her tools - kind of like surgical tweezers and things like that. 

I thought that I could use a roll that people usually use for crochet hooks and I used a pattern in Lola Nova's book. 

Actually as soon as I cut out the pieces I realised that it was going to be way too small for the purpose of storing Jo's tools. But I thought I might as well persevere since I had cut it out so I could figure out the best way of doing her one. 

It took a while, partly because I spent half the time shoving the cat off the table but actually mainly because one of my new year's resewlutions is to be a more 'precise sewer'. So, I spent quite a bit of time measuring, cutting, re-measuring and trimming to make sure everything was exact and at right angles etc. It  was ultimately quite satisfying to have edges meet up and generally made me feel kind of like a grown-up. :)

I made a mistake I've made before and would quite like to stop making now. 

Towards the end I was sewing up the four edges (sewing the lining to the outer fabric). 

So I did long end no. 1, then progressed to short end no. 2. 

My mistake was beginning at the non-sewn edge and working towards the long end which has already been sewn (you follow?!). The problem is that you are much more likely to get a horrible bunched up effect if you do it this way around. If you start from the edge that has already been sewn, you can smooth as you go and you end up a much happier person who does not have to unpick stitches. 

It's a cute present though for anyone who is into crochet or you could use it for make-up brushes, for art supplies. Or you could make it much bigger and make it for knitting needles. Or it could be adapted as a travel jewellery roll. 

The next time I make it, it will be big enough to fit very important art conservation tools! 

ALSO, this is the first project of the Stashbusting Sewalong run by Emily and Cation Designs, on the January theme of ittybitty. 

The fabric I used is actually a Christmas present from Jo - hence officially stash - but there is soooo much of it I won't be left short! And I reached into the scrap basket for the used leftovers from my Lisette Tunic for the contrasting fabric. 

By the way, what is it with cats and sewing tables??? 
 Oh Hello, my name is Flash

Flash was cracking me up this evening. She ONLY wanted to sit right ON my hook-book (a ploy to get my attention away from the project and onto her chin). 
There's a cat on my table, what am I gonna do...

Then when I shifted her from that she then clambered on up on the ironing board - apparently a cosy place to rest one's weary paws...

Who needs armchairs when you have an ironing board??? 

I started thinking that curiosity might maim the cat so moved her off that. Then she went and started pushing my sewing scissors off the table onto the floor with her paw. Felt a bit spiteful actually. As well as being cute and fabulous, cats are most certainly evil. 

I am inherently evil despite my fluffy exterior


  1. Wow! What a gorgeous job you did! Thank you so much for posting this!

    Yes, the dimensions can easily be changed to fit any specialty needs you might have. Well done!

  2. Thanks a million, I'm really pleased with how it turned out!
    I'm really enjoying your book - a friend gave it to me for Christmas!


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