Saturday, 5 January 2013

in the hands of the keeper of the jar...

What a kick ass idea from Karen at Did You Make ThatShe seems to have created a monster with her Sewlutions 2013.  I missed the deadline, hotdiggitydammit, but like most others I don't mind about the give-away, it's a great motivation to make a 'resewlution'!

Everyone is throwing in their 'sewlution' for the New Year in the hope that instead of only being accountable for ourselves that it might encourage us to keep to it. I have so many recurring New Year's Resolutions that I've stopped making them. Like learning Spanish. That's on every year. 

So my 'sewlution' is to overcome my overlocker fear! 

I know that I'm actually really lucky to have this in my house but I am so 'manana manana' (oh look at my Spanish, lol!) about taking the cover off it and using it. 

It's all those threads. Where do they go? Threading the thing seems like a terrifying prospect. 

And the cutter!!! The cutter!!! 

What happens if you cut too far??? What good is a gal's trusty stitch-picker then huh?!

Well... 2013 is the year of the overlocker. It's a Sewlution, so it has to be. :)  If anyone out there has any handy overlocker/ serger hints, I'm all ears!

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