Thursday, 3 January 2013

i declare this violet finished

Yes I do - and oh my, don't I look pleased with myself!

Last summer I made a Colette Violet blouse but I wasn't too happy with the shape. I wanted to be able to wear it with jeans not tucked in, but the way it was it really needed to be tucked into a skirt or higher-waisted jeans. 


I put in darts in the front and re-did the side seam about four times (incrementally because I was afraid to go too far!) until I got it to a fit that I liked.

So here is the finished version, waiting for summertime to roll around again, yeeeha!


  1. I just made the same changes on my muslin for my upcoming Violet: Reshape the bust-darts, removing fabric from the front panel and removing fabric from the backpanel. Makes it a lot more wearable.
    Like your version!!

  2. Definitely triplets! Great minds do think alike! I like the shaping on yours. Might bear that in mind for my next one.


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