Sunday, 30 December 2012

pockets of joy, collar of doom...

This tunic top reminds me of Scandinavian style - it's Simplicity Lisette 2245, view B which is the tunic version. 

I really like this pattern, particularly the pocket detail - I thought it was really clever.

Overall I found the pattern fairly straightforward and it came together nicely.

BUT I struggled a little with the collar/ facing attachment. It's nice to have the blogosphere to make me feel not so alone in that! And I found a helpful post on Did You Make That that helped me out of a dark moment and pointed out that you need to attach the long side of the collar to the garment. This is may be obvious to experienced sewers but it seems like it is the most awkward way to attach it when you first look at it. Anyway, even after I stopped trying to attach the wrong side, it took me a while to get it on correctly and really shows how important it is to cut and stitch seam allowances accurately. My sewing New Years Resolution is to become a more precise sewer!

I made this in a blue and white stripey cotton that I got in Paris (that Paris part of my stash is the gift that keeps on giving!)which meant that the fabric only cost about €5.

Oh yes, and of course I used my covered buttons from the same fabric!

And I do so love the buttons but I do not love the evil collar... how did the right side get to be so much bigger than the left side????! 

I could live with it but there is a nasty pucker on the front collar/ garment attachment ... sad face... 

Sooo...I think that the collar may have to become unattached and then attached again...seriously I don't know what I would do without my stitch-picker.  

I still love this pattern and plan to make the top version. The fabric is sitting on the sewing table, but do I have the patience to fix the collar of this one before I start the new one....? 

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