Tuesday, 18 December 2012

on buttons...

Changing the buttons is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make a piece of clothing a bit more interesting and I am such a sucker for colourful buttons. 

Back before winter kicked in, I took to the outdoor sewing room to do little repairs and button changes:

This little Bennetton shirt came from the local VdeP for €2. It's cute but it does scream 'Office Worker' a bit...

...So I swapped the grey buttons for little green ones...better, non?

And I also picked up this Warehouse jacket for a fiver at the Dublin Flea Market at the weekend. 

...It got re-buttoned and I think looks a bit cheerier...

But my latest thing has been covered buttons - love em. I found these little lovelies in a flea market in Berlin:

I was searching high and low for kits to cover buttons and couldn't find any anywhere in Dublin. Eventually I picked up a few packets from Mood Fabrics in New York when I visited recently (I've been travelling a lot recently!).

Actually in terms of finding these in Dublin I have since seen these kits or similar in Murphy Sheehy and The Cloth Shop. I couldn't find them in Hickeys.

I'm sewing this Simplicity Lisette Pattern at the moment (View B)

 I wish I had done some research before I cut the pattern because other people found it a bit roomy and I think it needs to be cut a size or two smaller than it might seem. Anyway, time will tell!
It requires two 3/4 inch buttons so I ththought it would be nice to have them in the same fabric. It is easy peasy doing the covered buttons and they turned out really well...

Plus I like the way the groove in the wood where I took this photo makes it look kind of like an angry face.

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