Sunday, 30 December 2012

pockets of joy, collar of doom...

This tunic top reminds me of Scandinavian style - it's Simplicity Lisette 2245, view B which is the tunic version. 

I really like this pattern, particularly the pocket detail - I thought it was really clever.

Overall I found the pattern fairly straightforward and it came together nicely.

BUT I struggled a little with the collar/ facing attachment. It's nice to have the blogosphere to make me feel not so alone in that! And I found a helpful post on Did You Make That that helped me out of a dark moment and pointed out that you need to attach the long side of the collar to the garment. This is may be obvious to experienced sewers but it seems like it is the most awkward way to attach it when you first look at it. Anyway, even after I stopped trying to attach the wrong side, it took me a while to get it on correctly and really shows how important it is to cut and stitch seam allowances accurately. My sewing New Years Resolution is to become a more precise sewer!

I made this in a blue and white stripey cotton that I got in Paris (that Paris part of my stash is the gift that keeps on giving!)which meant that the fabric only cost about €5.

Oh yes, and of course I used my covered buttons from the same fabric!

And I do so love the buttons but I do not love the evil collar... how did the right side get to be so much bigger than the left side????! 

I could live with it but there is a nasty pucker on the front collar/ garment attachment ... sad face... 

Sooo...I think that the collar may have to become unattached and then attached again...seriously I don't know what I would do without my stitch-picker.  

I still love this pattern and plan to make the top version. The fabric is sitting on the sewing table, but do I have the patience to fix the collar of this one before I start the new one....? 

santa baby... christmas slothfulness...

Clever Santa (aka lovely people in my life) know me so well. Most of the Christmas presents I got were sewing related!

Rosie Martin's DIY Couture book came from my Mum and it is REALLY interesting looking - I can't stop looking at it and trying to figure out which I'm going to make first. I think I will start with the Coffee Classic Slouch Top. 

The Colette Sewing Handbook came from Mister Reckless - I know this has been about for a while but it looks like a fab book to work my way through. I'm particularly looking forward to having a go at the Truffle Dress and the Taffy Blouse.

My pal Jo who lives in London came over to Dublin bearing fabric - I think she said it came from Peckham Market. 

And then other books like lola Nova's Simple Sewing from my buddy Olivia and Mum's other pressie Printed Pattern are full of ideas for printing on fabric and general fun stuff that will keep 2013 very busy indeed!
Thank you Santy! xx

Thursday, 20 December 2012

knitting and stitching....

After the Knitting and Stitching Show is in London, it visits Dublin... the fact that it was so packed I think just shows how things are changing... this is the upside of the economic downturn!

Yes it was quite a long time ago but I only got around to uploading photos now! Obviously there are tonnes of things that you can't photograph but I loved loved loved Jean Draper's stand and her brilliant OzDots.... She is amazing.

One stand that you were allowed photograph and fortuitously I also loved was the MrXStitch stand. 

These guys manage to cross stitch into metal and wood... how cool is that?! 

I also picked up some bargain-licious patterns which were only €2 each, very nice for me.


Tuesday, 18 December 2012

on buttons...

Changing the buttons is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make a piece of clothing a bit more interesting and I am such a sucker for colourful buttons. 

Back before winter kicked in, I took to the outdoor sewing room to do little repairs and button changes:

This little Bennetton shirt came from the local VdeP for €2. It's cute but it does scream 'Office Worker' a bit...

...So I swapped the grey buttons for little green ones...better, non?

And I also picked up this Warehouse jacket for a fiver at the Dublin Flea Market at the weekend. 

...It got re-buttoned and I think looks a bit cheerier...

But my latest thing has been covered buttons - love em. I found these little lovelies in a flea market in Berlin:

I was searching high and low for kits to cover buttons and couldn't find any anywhere in Dublin. Eventually I picked up a few packets from Mood Fabrics in New York when I visited recently (I've been travelling a lot recently!).

Actually in terms of finding these in Dublin I have since seen these kits or similar in Murphy Sheehy and The Cloth Shop. I couldn't find them in Hickeys.

I'm sewing this Simplicity Lisette Pattern at the moment (View B)

 I wish I had done some research before I cut the pattern because other people found it a bit roomy and I think it needs to be cut a size or two smaller than it might seem. Anyway, time will tell!
It requires two 3/4 inch buttons so I ththought it would be nice to have them in the same fabric. It is easy peasy doing the covered buttons and they turned out really well...

Plus I like the way the groove in the wood where I took this photo makes it look kind of like an angry face.

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