Sunday, 23 September 2012

staring at a top until it makes sense...

I was doing the DIY "off-pattern" approach for my latest top which involved looking at an existing top that I have for quite a long time until I made sense of how it was constructed.

The Flatter Me Cowl Neck Top

I got this fabric in Paris - it's a cotton jersey. It was oh-so cheap (€2.99 and I still have some left over) which is rather satisfying! 

I used a top that I already had as a guide because I love cowl necks. All that drapey fabric is brilliantly flattering. 

It's nice not having the fussyness of a pattern, but measuring the neck and the armholes had me sitting and just staring at it for a while. 

Anyway, when I got my head around it, I made the front in a double layer of fabric, cut on the fold at the neckline. This was because, firstly this cotton jersey is quite flimsy and secondly, the cowl neck is so floppy so, no nasty seams are on show. 

I also made the back in double layered fabric but I wasn't able to do it on the fold as it needed a curve in the neckline. 

I think it's surprising how complicated the most seemingly simple garment can be. Once I had cut the pieces out, I pinned all the seams I was planning on sewing to make sure it worked.   But now I have done it once, it's a very easy top to make so I'll make another soon. I have a new challenge for the next time - the overlocker (that's serger to you folk across the water).

Unfortunately I am having overlocker-fear, so when I do another one of these, it is TIME to tackle the overlocker! 

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