Sunday, 12 August 2012

the long-time-coming dress

This dress really has been a long time coming. It is UFO that really feel like it has taken a trip to outer space and back..

The pattern is from a rather ancient Prima magazine. When I say that I began it years ago, I'm not exaggerating. The half-made dress has been hanging around for a long long time. It has moved house with me at least three times. It has been taken out, stitches have been stitched; stitches have been unpicked.

But finally, here it is, finished! 

The bodice had been finished when I pulled it out last week, there was a half-made black skirt but it wasn't looking like it was going to shape up to be very nice (which I think may have been the motivation for stuffing it back into the back of a wardrobe). So, I re-made the skirt with some of my never-ending African fabric.  

I think we would all agree that I could have paid a bit more attention to the placing of the print, but I got to a stage of being completely slap-dash just to get this little blighter finished! In fact there are a number of things that I might not be happy about (e.g. pointy darts, awkwardly rounded corners at the arms) if I could only see past the happiness of it being finished. Which I can't. Happily. :) 

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

curl up and dye..

Sorry couldn't resist that blog post title as it is my all-time favourite hairdresser name. A close second is the salon in Dublin called Hairess
But I digress. I had a little bit of a refashioning weekend last weekend.Being an '80s child, I am all about the tie-dyed bleach denim knocking about. 

They do say if you were around for the first time you shouldn't go there again... but... what the heck!  

A pair of old black jeans got the chop+bleach treatment.

I hacked them into little shorts, tied up tightly into a bundle and immersed them into a basin of water and bleach mixture. 

I kept having to add more bleach to get the dye out - it took a lot more than I expected. I used almost a whole bottle of bleach.

Give them a spin in the washing machine to fray up the ends and to wash out the loose dye. 

Now, all I need is sun(are you listening, Irish weather??), a beach, tanned legs and perhaps a cocktail to complete the look. *quickly books flights to Ibiza*

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