Thursday, 19 July 2012

violet in dots

I am very excited to have finished off my first Colette Violet blouse! 

Well, actually, I'm not sure if I am finished. I think it is lovely but, like some other folks out there, the fit is a bit loose for my liking. It looks pretty cool tucked in, but I'm not much of a tucker-in when it comes to my clothes. 

So I think I will definitely be inserting some darts and I am thinking of hacking a bit off the side seams. I'm just a bit nervous about wrecking it - I think it would break my heart! 

About the pattern - I love the Colette pattern. It is beautifully presented and the instructions are great and clear. However, I impulsively bought it online from America which means that it has turned into quite an expensive garment! I discovered I could have bought it online from Sewbox in the UK. And then yesterday a friend texted me to tell me about a new fabric shop in town - The Cloth Shop on South William Street. I looked at their website, and - Lo! They stock Colette patterns!!

I don't feel like the most original blogger to have made a Colette Violet blouse in a polka dot fabric, but I will definitely make another of these. I could also see me using the collar and sleeve parts for re-fashioning projects. How I love the Peter Pan collar!

things I learned: 
- when fusing interfacing, iron it from the fabric side to ensure it goes on smoothly. This is probably something that is obvious to the rest of the universe. It wasn't to me, hence wrinkles, but thankfully on the least visible part.
- maybe it's time to start making muslins or tracing patterns. I think maybe I could have made this in a size smaller but now it's too late because I cut the pattern directly.
- I need to learn more about how to do buttonholes - I really was making it up as I went along! 
- even if things turn out a little bit bockitty, I still love making things myself!

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