Sunday, 17 June 2012

stripey blue shirt has existential crisis

That's a fairly roundabout way of saying I refashioned a man's XL shirt that I got in my local St. Vincent de Paul shop in Terenure in Dublin for €6! 

It was brand new, complete with the crease marks from being folded in its box, and I think that's quite a swanky brand of shirt. I even felt a bit bad taking apart such a well-made garment for my experimental purposes. 

Well, I know it's not exactly the most original idea in BlogLand but having seen all the different takes on the refashioned men's shirts on lots of blogs I had to give it a try. And I'm not too unhappy with the result, yay! My only reservation is that it turned out a little frumpy. Next time I might make the neckline a little lower or something. 

So the collars and sleeves came off first. Next I had to narrow it. I wished I had a tailor's dummy for this as fitting it to the right size and evenly on both sides was quite tricky. It involved a couple of goes and a bit of stitch-ripping! 

I put darts in the back and the front to give it more of a girl-shape. I put the sleeves back in but by now had a much smaller armhole so put little pleats in to puff up the sleeves. I chopped the sleeves in half and re-attached them. Oh and I turned the whole thing back to front! 

And last but not least, in the emasculation of this poor shirt, I changed all the buttons to little red buttons to give it a bit more cuteness. 

Mr. Reckless kept telling me that I looked like I was making a catering smock (don't know if it's only Ireland, but caterers and cleaners often wear blue smocks here) and kept asking me for a burger and chips. Bold boy. Anyway, I don't care, I'm happy to declare another project done!

The Things Change Shirt

Now, what's next?! Hmmmm...


  1. Thank you so much for posting to Refashion Co-Op’s Refashion First Friday! I love what you did with the blouse! Drool!

  2. Thanks Lauren! First Friday is a great idea, as I wouldn't have enough refashions to post regularly but hopefully I'll have something else in the future!

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