Thursday, 28 June 2012

ooh la la pretty summery bag!!

I was given a little pile of pretty flowery fabric and to celebrate the return of my sewing machine from sewing-machine-hospital, I just made this tote bag. 

I had half an eye on a tutorial from one of my current blog-crushes, See Kate Sew as a sort of guide to keep me on track, and I just have to say at this point, I freakin' love my rotary cutter that I got for my birthday! It makes it really easy to just go for things like this!

The fortuitous thing about this bag is that is reversible so if you choose a pretty lining, you've got yourself two bags for the price of one :) 

I'm going to Paris tomorrow; Ooh La La New Pretty Summery Bag - you're coming with me!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

june magazines!

I had been wondering if it was possible to buy Burda Style Magazine in Ireland but yesterday I found a BurdaStyle Ireland Facebook group - albeit a rather lonely Facebook group with 134 likes but only one person valiantly ever writing on the wall. Well, until I posted asking where I can buy it, and got a prompt reply from Juliette of Sewing and Style Den - one of the very few Irish dressmaking-related sewing blogs I have come across!

Anyhoops, I got my first ever copy in Easons in Dundrum today and it won't be my last! 

Here are the things that caught my eye...

Loving this jacket but it is advanced - which I am not, so for the moment I think we may be incompatible lovers. But, hey, maybe in time for Autumn I'll be a pro-sewer and will be able to tackle it then!


This might be more for me right now, I reeeeeeally like both the top and the skirt. 

And this dress is pretty cool. It's also a beginner pattern AND is the sewing lesson in the magazine

While we're on the subject of magazines, I would like to issue a RED ALERT: 

I love Vogue but usually the price of it makes it a bit of a decadent treat. HOWEVER, the June issue of Vogue is for sale at a bargain basement price of €2.50. 

Right, I'm off with my bedtime reading: 

Sunday, 17 June 2012

stripey blue shirt has existential crisis

That's a fairly roundabout way of saying I refashioned a man's XL shirt that I got in my local St. Vincent de Paul shop in Terenure in Dublin for €6! 

It was brand new, complete with the crease marks from being folded in its box, and I think that's quite a swanky brand of shirt. I even felt a bit bad taking apart such a well-made garment for my experimental purposes. 

Well, I know it's not exactly the most original idea in BlogLand but having seen all the different takes on the refashioned men's shirts on lots of blogs I had to give it a try. And I'm not too unhappy with the result, yay! My only reservation is that it turned out a little frumpy. Next time I might make the neckline a little lower or something. 

So the collars and sleeves came off first. Next I had to narrow it. I wished I had a tailor's dummy for this as fitting it to the right size and evenly on both sides was quite tricky. It involved a couple of goes and a bit of stitch-ripping! 

I put darts in the back and the front to give it more of a girl-shape. I put the sleeves back in but by now had a much smaller armhole so put little pleats in to puff up the sleeves. I chopped the sleeves in half and re-attached them. Oh and I turned the whole thing back to front! 

And last but not least, in the emasculation of this poor shirt, I changed all the buttons to little red buttons to give it a bit more cuteness. 

Mr. Reckless kept telling me that I looked like I was making a catering smock (don't know if it's only Ireland, but caterers and cleaners often wear blue smocks here) and kept asking me for a burger and chips. Bold boy. Anyway, I don't care, I'm happy to declare another project done!

The Things Change Shirt

Now, what's next?! Hmmmm...

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

more small things

More little things from leftover material - this time the African fabric. I'm going to give these as pressies to the girls who were on holidays in Mozambique with me. 

I had made little bags like this before but found the whole lining and zipper thing very complicated - I was trying to make it up and figure it out by myself and the stitch picker was much-utilised. Anyway, I came across some instructions for doing this in an old book on bag-making and it is so much easier... and neater :) 
Reckon I will post the instructions in a later post. 

it's the little things that count

Ho hum... What to do with the awkward little bits of leftover fabric... silly shapes like this: 

I hate throwing stuff out (in fact sometimes I think I am in danger of being an actual hoarder) and I didn't want to waste the leftover bits of fabric from the last couple of things I made. 

Soooo, I got stuck into making a bow belt with the aid of Tilly's tutorial

Actually this is proving kind of impossible to photograph because of the print. Here are a couple of others I made in yellow fabric I had: 

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