Tuesday, 1 May 2012

mine's a hot drop!

So much for the first day of summer. Rain, rain, rain! That's one of the bad things about this country. But, we don't like to be too gloomy here at The Reckless Needle and we think one of the GOOD things about rainy Irish days is snuggling up with a pot of tea by the fire!

Is it possible to make that staple of your Granny's kitchen - the humble tea-cosy - cool again?! 

Well, frankly, I'm not sure, but the good people at the Irish Craft Festival (which is on in the Marine Hotel in Dun Laoghaire on May 20th) are giving it a go. They have very brilliantly come up with the revival of the tea-cosy - with the National Tea Cosy Competition

Being a bit of a tea-lover myself, I recently found myself in need of a tea-cosy to keep things toasty, as you can see! It's a re-fashion of a Penney's beanie hat which I never wore because it was a bit small. 
It's a bit wonky, but it does the job! 

All the entries to the competition will be on display at the Craft Festival - you have until 16th May to get your creation to them!


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