Saturday, 5 May 2012

old fabric, new top!

 I totally love this fabric! It's super-old, I think originally from an old lady down the road who gave it to my Mum who gave it to me. I'm on a mission to use the fabric and bits and pieces that have been hoarded for years now. 

So I did another top from the idea of the two scarves - as in two squares sewed together, and I made some ties and put them into the seam. 

There are certainly flaws and I might try again changing a few things with the seams but it's quite satisfying to make something so simple and every time I've worn it, it's got compliments! 

What's nice is that making these simple things is getting me so excited about making more. I bought a couple of patterns during the week so this weekend will be cutting those out. I figure they'll help me learn more about the construction of clothes! 

Yours enthusiastically, 


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  1. love how elegant this looks for something that seems easy and fast to sew up!


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