Sunday, 13 May 2012

feeling a little biased

So, I used a pattern! I deliberately picked a very simple pattern as it's been a while since I made anything using a pattern. I went for Burda 7509.

I didn't realise when I bought it that it is cut on the bias - I've never particularly liked clothes cut on the bias - especially long skirts - yeuch!

But actually it sits nicely, and I learned that it made doing this neckline easier as well as discovering the joy of stretchy bias tape!

It was easy-peasy - I only had to get the stitch-picker out once, which is good for me! So, perfect for getting me going.

The main thing that sent me into a bit of a tizzy was trying to figure out which size to cut out. I'm usually a size 10 in Ireland - but the chart on the back had American sizes, European sizes... and I couldn't make sense of it - no amount of googling was able to solve the mystery for me! Eventually I used the measurements and cut a 12 but was worried I should have been cutting the 14. Waah! Anyway, the size 12 seems bang on, so happy days. 

This fabric is from the cupboard-stash that I am working my way through. I've always really liked it so it's nice to have finally made something from it! 

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